December 31, 1849 (Monday)

Here is the end of another year, the end of 1849.  How rapidly the time has flown since this day one year!

What changes have taken place, in some instances for the better, in others for worse.  Even as regards my humble self there has been somewhat of a change, but only as relates to my situation, in all other respects, there is no change with the single exception of being a year older.  No richer nor poorer, nor no nearer being married.

Went to the Walnut St. Theatre this evening.  Murdock performed.

Philadelphia Inquirer, December 31, 1849, page 1

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December 30, 1849 (Sunday)

Unexpectedly a pretty fine day.  Went to Norristown this morning; and returned to the city this evening.

Called at Snowden’s this evening but as it commenced snowing did not go to church.

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December 29, 1849 (Saturday)

Stormy and rainy today—had intended going to Norristown this afternoon, but postponed it until more pleasant weather.

Went out shopping a little this evening.

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December 28, 1849 (Friday)

Cloudy all day, and snowing this evening.

Being rather unwell did not go out of the house this evening.

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December 27, 1849 (Thursday)

Rather pleasant today—not so cold.  Called at the Apprentices’ Library and saw Miss F—y C—t, on the way to tea.  Stopped in at the Chestnut St. Theatre a little while—nothing worth seeing.

This is the last mention of Fanny Clement in Nathan’s 1849 journal.

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December 26, 1849 (Wednesday)

Excessively cold today—some prospect of snow.

According to invitations called at the Misses S—d—n (Miss Sophia having returned from Baltimore) and accompanied them to a “Surprise Party” of Miss Peterson’s, this evening.  The Misses McKay were along.  It was a perfect bore to most of our party.

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December 25, 1849 (Tuesday)

Christmas—a Holliday, but a most bitter cold one, and windy: unpleasant to go out.  Had intended spending Christmas in Norristown, but gave up the idea.  Went out a little in the morning to purchase some presents.  Passed the afternoon at Barnum’s Museum in a great crowd.  Called on Miss F—y C—t in the evening but she was not in.  Passed the rest of the evening at home.

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