January 3, 1849 (Wednesday)

Wednesday. Passed the day pretty much in getting ready to leave the goodly town of Norris, which I did in the last train of cars. The cars were detained much longer than usual on the way—didn’t learn the cause. Called on Mr. Nichols in the evening and procured a boarding house, the same at which I formerly boarded.

In a later entry, Nathan mentions helping his landlady buy a carpet and he refers to her as Mrs. A_____h [or possibly A_____d], which is likely Mrs. Abigail Hollinshead who had a boarding house at 124 Mulberry Street (now Arch St), a couple of blocks from the Delaware River. Other boarders include William Nichols, a clerk, along with several other clerks. Interestingly, Nathan Beekley could not be found on the 1850 US census. He may not have been enumerated perhaps believing his father would count him as part of his household in East Nantmeal while the father thought Nathan would be counted in Philadelphia. Nathan does not appear in the Philadelphia city directory until 1854.

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