January 4, 1849 (Thursday)

This morning was introduced into the Counting House of Messrs. Reeves, Buck & Co., where, by diligence and attention to business, I hope to remain. –Went to my boarding house at noon. Attended a Concert in the evening at the Musical Fund Hall, given by the celebrated musician Max Maretzek —have heard better.

The Musical Fund Hall, home of the Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia was located at what is now 806 Locust Street (between 8th and 9th).  The Hall was the venue for numerous concerts, lectures and other events including Charles Dickens in 1842 and the first Republican National Convention in 1856.

Max Maretzek (1821–1897) was a Moravian born musician, composer and impresario who toured extensively throughout the United States.  The AAS has numerous examples of broadsides advertising Maretzek’s concerts as well as his 1855 memoir Crotchets and Quavers.

Max Maretzek and Orchestra at the Musical Fund HallFrom the Philadelphia Inquirer, January 4, 1849, page 3, col. 5.

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