January 7, 1849 (Sunday)

Went to St. Andrew’s Church this morning and heard an excellent sermon from Bishop Potter.  The rite of Confirmation was administered to eighteen persons.—Passed the afternoon with the model of a lady Miss K. R—y.  Went to Mr. Barnes’ (Presbyterian) church  in the evening.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church was located at 256 South 8th Street (between Locust and Spruce Streets). The church, designed by noted Philadelphia architect John Haviland (1792–1852), was built in 1823 and is now the home of the St. George Greek Orthodox Church.

The Right Reverend Alonzo Potter (1800–1865), D.D., LL.D, third Episcopal Bishop of Pennsylvania.  Bishop Potter was a learned man and prolific writer.  He published many sermons, essays and was called upon to write introductions for the works of others.  The AAS has many examples of Bishop Potter’s writings.  See for example, this sermon on drinking delivered in Philadelphia in May 1849.

Reverend Albert Barnes (1798–1870), characterized as “an eminent Presbyterian divine” by J. Thomas Scharf and Thompson Westcott in their History of Philadelphia, 1609–1884 (Philadelphia: L. H. Everts & Co, 1884, v. 2, 1148) was also a prolific speaker and writer.  He discoursed on many topics from temperance to slavery, from the state of the Presbyterian church in Europe to expositions on the Bible for Sunday school children. His May 1849 address in Philadelphia is but one example in the AAS collection. Nathan heard Rev. Barnes speak at the First Presbyterian Church, Washington Square.

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