January 14, 1849 (Sunday)

Got up this morning with a most violent headache, which in addition to the inclement state of the weather, induced me to keep in during the day.  In the evening went to St. Luke’s Church,  and listened to an excellent sermon by the pastor, Dr. Howe.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church was on South 13th Street between Pine and Cypress Streets and was one of the largest churches in the city when it opened in 1840. The “excellent sermon” Nathan heard was delivered by the second rector of St. Luke’s, Rev. Marc Antony DeWolfe Howe, D.D. (1809–1895), who was rector from 1846 to 1871. Dr. Howe later became the first Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.  For a list of holdings by Reverend Howe, including his memoir of Bishop Potter (see entry for January 7), click here.  N. B: Dr. Howe’s son, Marc Antony DeWolfe Howe, Jr. was also a prolific writer.

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