January 23, 1849 (Tuesday)

Beautiful day—very pleasant.  Called on by friend Mor. Who requested me to go with him to the new theatre at the corner of 7th and Chestnut Sts. Which was complied with; and we were both surprised at the handsome appearance of the place.  Performance tolerable.

Mor. is James H. Morgan, friend and frequent companion of Nathan.

The theater at the corner of Seventh and Chestnut Streets was the Athenaeum and National Museum.  On the bill that night was a three act comedy by John Poole, Esq. (1786–1872) entitled Paul Pry! and a one-act farce (or a “Petite Comedy”) called Crimson Crimes! The latter play was also called Deeds of Dreadful Note and may have been a parody of the one act “romantic tale of terror” published in 1810 by Alfred Dubois (ca. 1789–1864) called Willful Murder, or, Deeds of Dreadful Note.

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 23, 1849

from the Philadelphia Inquirer, January 23, 1849, page 3, col. 4.

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