February 4, 1849 (Sunday)

Beautiful morning, but having got hold of an exceedingly interesting book, did not go out until evening, when, with friend M. went to St. Andrew’s, but it was so crowded, we were obliged to do as many others, go away; then went to Brainard’s.

For a description of St. Andrew’s Church, see the entry for January 7.

“Brainard’s” is the Third Presbyterian Church, also known as “the Old Pine Street Church) located at 412 Pine Street. The church was built in 1768 and is still in use today. The rector in 1849, was the Reverend Thomas Brainerd (1804–1866), D.D. who served the church for almost 30 years commencing in 1837. Reverend Brainerd was the author and editor of many short works, sermons and magazine articles. In 1865, he published a book on his ancestor, John Brainerd, missionary to the Indians of New Jersey. For a list of holdings by Thomas Brainerd in the AAS collection, click here.

One tract authored by Reverend Brainerd which may have been of interest to Nathan was Influence of theatres. : A lecture.

Reverend Brainerd was also a bit of a songwriter…

Song written by Thomas Brainerd

"Old Pine Street Church" composed by Thomas Brainerd in 1848. From the AAS collections -- BDSDS 1848

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