February 11, 1849 (Sunday)

Clear and warm today, but the walking very bad, there being to much snow and ice.

Went to St. Philip’s this morning—a good sermon but a miserable music. In the afternoon went to St. John’s, Roman Catholic, but being obliged to stand, left pretty soon.  Went to Grace church in the evening; Suddards  preached.

For more information on St. Philip’s Church, see the entry for January 21.

St. John’s Church, now St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, was consecrated on Passion Sunday, April 8, 1832. The Philadelphia landmark is located at 21 South 13th St, between Market and Chestnut Streets.

For more information on Grace Church, see the entry for January 28.

Reverend William Suddards (1805–1883), D. D., became rector of Grace Church in December 1834 and served until his retirement in 1881. Scharf and Wescott write of Suddards, “his tact and his great talent as a preacher made him, during his prolonged ministry, one of the most influential clergymen of the diocese.” A native of England, Rev. Suddards published several sermons, at least one book (British Pulpit, New York: Robert Carter, 1845) and was an editor of the Episcopal Recorder, a monthly church newspaper.

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