March 4, 1849 (Sunday)

Beautiful day over head, but owing to the snow the crossings are very bad.  Went to St. Philip’s church in the morning, to St. Stephen’s  in the afternoon, and to St. Andrew’s in the evening.  Heard the best sermon in the morning and best music in the evening.

For more information on St. Philips Church, see the entry for January 21.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, built in 1823, is located at 19 South 10th Street (between Chestnut and Market Streets) and is still a Philadelphia landmark.  The rector of the church in 1849 was the Reverend Henry William Ducachet, D. D. (1796–1865), called “talented, cheerful and active” by Scharf and Wescott.  For a list of AAS holdings concerning Dr. Ducachet, click here.

St. Andrew’s Church was first mentioned on January 7.

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