March 17, 1849 (Saturday)

Beautiful day.  Chestnut Street was crowded with the fair this afternoon, who seemed to have made a perfect rush to get out, after being kept pretty close for some time by unpleasant weather.

Stopped a little while in the C. St. T.

The “C. St. T.” is the Chestnut Street Theatre. Precisely what was on the bill that night may be lost to history.  It appears the Chestnut Street Theatre did not advertise the event and the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on March 17 there were rumors of a new Italian opera at the Chestnut Street Theatre but they could not confirm.

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  1. Martha Mahard says:

    The Harvard Theatre Collection, Houghton Library, may very well have playbills for the Chestnut St. Theatre for 1849 and it might be worthwhile checking in with them.


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