March 18, 1849 (Sunday)

Had a little sprinkle of snow this morning, tho’ notwithstanding it was a tolerably fine day.

Went to St. Philip’s church in the morning, and to St. Mary’s, catholic, in the afternoon where I heard splendid music.

Went to St. Paul’s this evening, closed—then to a M.C.

For more information on St. Philip’s or St. Paul’s Church, see the entry for January 21.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church was located on the west side of South 4th Street, above Spruce Street (the church still exists and is active).   In 1849, the pastor of St. Mary’s Church was Father George Strobel (1800–1874) who had been at St. Mary’s since 1846.  Fr. Strobel was a late comer to the priesthood.  He studied and practiced law in Philadelphia, later becoming the U.S. consul in Bordeaux, France.  He converted to Catholicism and studied for the priesthood in Rome. He was ordained in 1845.

“M.C.” is likely Methodist Church.

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