March 30, 1849 (Friday)

Cloudy, but prospects of clearing—very mild.

Called on Miss E—n S—h, for Miss F—y Clement, this evening but she was not in; then promenaded the streets and went home and went to bed.

Perhaps Nathan was a bit tired when he made his journal entry or perhaps he was throwing caution to the wind when he included Miss Clement’s surname in his journal. It is the first time he let this slip. The 1850 United States Census shows one Fanny Clement, gentlewoman, living in the household of Mary Richards.  The 1850 Philadelphia city directory confirms Mrs. M. Richards had a boarding house at 139 Walnut Street which is in Nathan’s neighborhood.  Miss Clement’s age is a bit of a mystery. The census is difficult to read, but her age is either 24 or 34, likely the former.  If the latter, then Nathan is interested in a woman 12 or 13 years his senior.

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