April 5, 1849 (Thursday)

Walking is almost worse now than it was some time since, but for another reason, the dust blowing about so violently and thick as nearly to blind one.  But, we must always complain of something.  Went to St. Philip’s this evening, where there was confirmation.  Took home Miss L—a David.

For more information on St. Philip’s Church, see the entry for January 21.

For the second time, Nathan has let us in on the surname of one of the young women in his life.  The 1850 U.S. census lists a Louisa David, age 18 (i.e., 17 years old in 1849), who is living in the household of Louis and Jane David, tavern keepers (Louisa is likely Louis and Jane’s daughter but the 1850 census does not list relationships).   The tavern, according to McElroy’s 1849 Philadelphia city directory is located at 39 Dock Street, not far from Nathan’s boarding house.  Interestingly, Miss David was born in Switzerland, which may have been exotic enough to pique our Nathan’s curiosity.

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  1. What a joy to read these entries day by day. Just the perfect way to present Nathan to us!


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