May 15, 1849 (Tuesday)

Attended the Anniversary of the Pennsylvania Bible Society this evening held in the Musical Fund Hall.  Addresses were delivered by Drs. Holdich, Goddard and Parker, all excellent, breathing nothing but true Christian feeling.

The Pennsylvania Bible Society was celebrating its forty-first anniversary, having been founded in 1808.  The oldest such society in the United States, the Society’s mission was to distribute scripture, especially to immigrants and the destitute. According to the North American (May 16, 1849) the Society had distributed some 362,000 Bibles and Testaments since 1840.

The Reverend Joseph Holdich, D. D. (1804–1893), secretary of the American Bible Society (an umbrella organization founded in 1816), gave an update on the national organization (564, 726 copies of scripture distributed) and an account of the British Bible Society.

The rector of the Church of the Atonement (see entry for March 11) was the Reverend Kingston Goddard, D. D. (ca. 1814–1875).  The North American claimed he gave an “excellent address” and that Reverend David Parker, one-time pastor of the Second Dutch Reformed Church in Philadelphia, “entertained the audience, for some minutes, in his happiest strain.”

The AAS has five items by Reverend Holdich and one by Reverend Goddard.

Nathan often attends events at the Musical Fund Hall.  He first mentions it on January 4.

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