May 23, 1849 (Wednesday)

Excessively warm—the cholera is reported in this city—hardly true.  Took a stroll this evening, then mended some clothes and went to bed.

A wife would be very convenient to keep ones shirts and stockings in good order.

Nathan first mentions cholera on May 18.

Cholera continued to be a hot topic of conversation in the Philadelphia newspapers.  On May 23, there were at least twenty-one reports of the disease from various parts of the country.  Cholera, though, was not officially reported in Philadelphia. In fact, the Philadelphia Inquirer said the opposite, to wit, “Our city is in the enjoyment of excellent health. We have nothing like cholera among us” (May 23, 1849, 2).  They also offered helpful advice such as this page 1 item,  “Fresh fish in cholera times is worse than poison to the stomach.”  The “report” to which Nathan refers and to which he offers well placed skepticism, may be the following advertisement dressed up like a news story.

Cholera in Philadelphia

from the Philadelphia Inquirer, May 23, 1849, page 2.

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