June 11, 1849 (Monday)

This has been a splendid day clear, and just cool enough to be pleasant.

Went through the market this afternoon to see about strawberries for the fair in Norristown.  Spent most of the evening with the Tildens until called on by Uncle, when we went out and took some strawberries.

As mentioned previously, Nathan’s uncle is likely Nathan Stem, the rector at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Norristown.  For more, see the entry for May 16. Presumably, Nathan and his uncle did not steal strawberries; rather, they consumed them.

Nathan, who has been spending significant time with the Tildens, first mentions them on June 5.

Strawberries were indeed in the local news the week of June 11, 1849. The following article from the Philadelphia Inquirer is typical.

Philadelphia Inquirer, June 11, 1849, page 2.

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