July 4, 1849 (Wednesday)

The Fourth of July, glorious day!  Hailed with delight by every American.  Delightful day.  Spent the day with our old boarders, the Tilden’s at farmer Benson’s where they are at present, in Del. Co.  Reached the city by 10 o’clock.

Nathan’s friend Mr. Tilden has left for California.  Before leaving, he deposited his wife and daughter in the country.  See the entry for June 28.

The only farmer named Benson in Delaware County at the time, was Massachusetts native George A. Benson. Although family relationships are not listed on the 1850 census, it is likely George, his wife (the former Rebecca Sharpless), and their eight children were sharing the household with George’s brother William, a saddler.  Also living in the house were Susan Sharpless and Isaac Sharpless, almost certainly Rebecca’s sister and father. The extended family was living in Concord Township about 25 miles southwest of Philadelphia.

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