July 14, 1849 (Saturday)

There has been a most tremendous storm this afternoon, both of dust and rain.  The dust was blown about in thick blinding clouds, after which the rain came down in torrents, while the wind blew a perfect hurricane, breaking down and tearing up a great many trees.

Philadelphia and southern New Jersey may have experienced a hurricane, a tropical depression, or perhaps a severe thunder storm.  According to the Inquirer, a tornado touched down in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Inquirer, July 16, 1849, page 2.

The reporter goes on to describe the extensive damage to trees and property. “Houses were unrooted, fences were prostrated, sign-boards were tossed into the air, and hundreds of trees were either broken down or uprooted. Our public squares presented quite a melancholy wreck.”  Camden, New Jersey and environs also incurred substantial damage but New York City did not experience the storm at all.

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