July 26, 1849 (Thursday)

This has been an excessively warm sultry day, and very dusty.

A very pleasant shower this evening but it did not seem to cool the atmosphere.

Accompanied Miss F—y C—t to see Brewer’s Panorama of the natural curiosities of N. America: Mammoth Cave, Niagara Falls &c.  It was excellent.

Moving panoramas were the “movies” of their day and were very popular. Nathan saw Bayne’s Panorama of a Voyage to Europe on July 3.

In addition to Mammoth Cave and Niagara Falls, artist George S. P. Brewer (1814–1852) included Mount Vernon, the Natural Bridge of Virginia, and a Day’s Journey through the Prairie in his popular work.

Brewer’s Panorama was installed at the Sansom Street Hall, 610 Sansom Street (between 6th and 7th). Nathan had attended a lecture by Dr. Robert Baird at that venue on April 23.

The American Antiquarian Society has a broadside advertising the panorama when it appeared in Boston in 1847.

American Antiquarian Society BDSDS.1847

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