August 5, 1849 (Sunday)

Very warm this morning.  Did not go to church.  Cousin Mary McCord and two children came to father’s.  Sister Elizabeth also came home a while this afternoon.  Called at cousin James Leighton’s this evening.  Had quite a shower this afternoon, but it cleared off beautifully.

Cousin Mary McCord may have been Mary (Talbot) McCord (1784–1879), married to Benjamin McCord and living in West Nantmeal in 1850. More research would have to be done to determine if she was Nathan’s cousin.

Nathan mentioned his sister Elizabeth on August 2. It appears from this entry she was not, in fact, living at her father’s house.

There is one James Leighton, farmer, living in East Nantmeal in 1850.  He is a contemporary of Nathan’s father (b. ca. 1788) and has three children approximately the same age as Nathan.  The kinship to the Beekley’s is not known.

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