September 3, 1849 (Monday)

Fine weather tho’ somewhat cool.

Went to the Arch St. Theatre this evening—Miss Fanny Wallack is the star at present at that place.  She is a very good actress.

The Arch Street Theatre, which Nathan first mentioned on January 26, was, by September, operating under the name Burton’s Theatre, after the manager and lessee, W. E. Burton.

Fanny Wallack (1822–1856) was the daughter of Henry John Wallack (1790–1870, niece to James William Wallack (1794–1864), and cousin to Lester Wallack (1820–1888) all famous and popular actors of their day. Miss Wallack was considered a “beauty” and “a fine actress, particularly in comedy.”

Nathan saw her play the role of Lendormi in  Idiot of the Mill, or the Black Band of Death, “a new and thrilling drama” by Edward Stirling (1807–1894).

The American Antiquarian Society has five plays by Stirling, but sadly not Idiot of the Mill.

Philadelphia Inquirer, September 3, 1849, page 3 col. 3.


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