September 26, 1849 (Wednesday)

Cloudy today, and, as might be expected rained this evening because it was my intention to go to the Musical Fund Hall, with some ladies.

Called on the Miss S—d—ns this evening for the purpose of taking them to the M.F.H. but the rain prevented it was postponed to the first clear evening.

Nathan sounds like he’s feeling a little sorry for himself.  Even the weather is against him.  As mentioned on September 19, the “Miss S—d—ns” could be sisters Elizabeth M. and Sophia R. Snowden.

The “Operatic Troupe” New Orleans Serenaders are playing at the Musical Fund Hall. The opera they perform are parodies of popular operas of the day, using “black face” and the stereotypical Negro characterizations which defined minstrel troupes at that time. We find it reprehensible today, but it was common fare in 1849.  Nathan has seen the New Orleans Serenaders a couple of times and will see them at least once more. See the entry for September 18 for more.

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