October 14, 1849 (Sunday)

This has been a magnificent day.

Went to Grace church this morning, visited the scene of the late riot and then took a walk over [the] Schuylkill [River] and back by way of Fairmount in the afternoon, and took the Misses S—d—n to St. Luke’s church this evening.

Nathan first mentioned the Grace Church on January 28. For more information on the recent riots, see the entry for October 10.  The Schuylkill River formed the western boundary of Philadelphia in those days.   Nathan walked approximately 1.3 miles southeast to South and Sixth Streets, the epicenter of the troubles.  From there he turned west and walked about two miles to the Schuylkill. Fairmount is now a neighborhood in northwest Philadelphia (roughly, bordered by Vine Street on the south, Girard Avenue on the north, the Schuylkill on the west and Broad Street on the east).  Prior to 1854, Fairmount was part of Spring Garden, a separate municipality from Philadelphia.  The neighborhood contains Girard College, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the “Rocky” steps, and beautiful Fairmont Park on both sides of the river.

Depending on exactly where Nathan terminated his walk, he may have had a three mile walk home.

St. Luke’s Church is a house of worship Nathan attends frequently; this evening he accompanied the Snowden sisters, Elizabeth and Sophia.

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