October 25, 1849 (Thursday)

Splendid weather.

Called on Miss E—a S—h but she was not at home; afterwards called on F—y C—t, and lastly went to the Exhibition, to see the fashions.  The Chinese Museum is crowded nightly with beauty and fashions—the Ex. closes this week.

Miss E—a S—h is Emma Smith, a relative perhaps or, at least, someone Nathan knows from Norristown.

F—y C—t is, of course, Fanny Clement, the Girls Librarian at the Apprentice’s Library.  Nathan calls on Fanny quite often.

The Franklin Institute is holding its Annual Exhibition of American Manufactures.  Nathan has attended nearly every day and seems to be observing the other observers as much as he is the exhibitions!  For more on the Exhibition, see the entry for October 18.  For more on the Chinese Museum (where the exhibition is held), see the May 2 post.

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