October 31, 1849 (Wednesday)

This kind of weather makes one feel like hunting up ones overcoat or cloak, or something of the sort, it is so cold.

Went to see Miss C. Cushman tonight in Shakspeare’s great play of “Macbeth.”  It was a splendid effort—She is a great actress.  The character of Macbeth was not so well personated as that of Lady Macbeth, Mr. Couldock not having a good voice.

Charlotte Cushman, who played Rosalind the previous night, played her signature role, Lady Macbeth. London-born Charles Walter Couldock (1815–1898) came to America at Cushman’s behest, the two having met at the Royal Theatre in Birmingham, England. Cushman was apparently so impressed with Couldock’s acting abilities in supporting roles she offered him leading parts in her touring company.  When Cushman returned to Europe, Couldock remained in the United States garnering a great deal of acclaim.  He played hundreds of roles over a nearly sixty year career (including four years at the Walnut Street Theatre). He was best known for his portrayal of Dunstan Kirke in James Steele MacKaye’s Hazel Kirke (1880), a role he played more than 1,000 times.


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