November 1, 1849 (Thursday)

I suppose we might venture to call today the commencement of winter, as we were favored with a snow storm, tho a very slight one.  Friend Koplin from Norristown being in the city this evening called on me, but owing to a prior engagement was unable to be with him till after 10 o’clock.  Took Miss E—h S—d—n to see the display of fireworks at the Chinese Museum this evening—very good.

Friend Koplin is probably Washington T. Koplin (b. ca. 1828), a Norristown watchmaker.  Koplin is perhaps the younger brother of Mordecai Koplin whose funeral Nathan attended on May 21.

Nathan took Elizabeth Snowden to the closing ceremony of the recently concluded Exhibition of American Manufactures sponsored by the Franklin Institute.  The ceremony had been delayed due to inclement weather.  See the post for October 29.

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