November 4, 1849 (Sunday)

What a delightful day.  Called on friend Morgan this morning and we went to St. Luke’s church where we heard a most excellent sermon from the Bishop of Massachusetts, Don’t like his manner so well as our Bishop’s (Potter).  Went to hear Goddard this afternoon where I met the Misses McK—y and walked home with them.  Took Miss E—h S—d—n to St. Andrew’s this evening where we met the above ladies again.

Bishop Manton Eastburn, D. D. (1801–1872), third Episcopal bishop of Massachusetts, was in Philadelphia to participate in the Protestant Episcopal Society for the Promotion of Evangelical Knowledge.  He preached the annual sermon at the conference on October 31, entitled “The Moderation of the Protestant Episcopal Church” (something Bishop Eastburn was against). The American Antiquarian Society has 29 items by Eastburn including the October 31, 1849 sermon.

Goddard is Reverend Kingston Goddard, D.D. (1814–1875), first rector of the Church of the Atonement. See the post for March 11.

Manton Eastburn, D. D. (1801-1872)


Perry, William Stevens. Bishops of the American Church: Past and Present. New York: Christian Literature, 1897.

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