This website is based on the hard work of two amazing interns at the American Antiquarian Society.

Chelsea White transcribed the entire diary from the original in AAS’s manuscript collections. Chelsea even visited some of the sites mentioned in Beekley’s diary on a recent trip to Philadelphia, and you can read her musings in her post on our parent blog, Past is Present.

Maury Bouchard has done a tremendous amount of research on Beekley, including actually mapping Nathan Beekley’s world! Maury has been indefatigable in his pursuit of elusive names to create a biographical sketch of our iron clerk.

Nathan has already wormed his way into our lives. We hope you will be similarly enchanted by this young man on the make as he pursues love and culture on the streets of Philadelphia.

4 Responses to About

  1. I have just found your fascinating blog. Posted it on by blog http://bjws.blogspot.com/ which is called It’s About Time. Eager to read each day’s new entry. Wonderful work from interns White and Bouchard.


  2. I am a descendant of Nathan Stem Beekley, and have several of his diaries from later years (~1860’s)
    This is a fascinating look into his earlier life! I am thrilled to have found this. I spent many hours transcribing his writings in the diaries that we have.
    Would love to get in touch with someone to learn more.


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