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November 3, 1849 (Saturday)

Something like Indian Summer again.  Lovely weather to visit the country.  Called on Miss F—y C—t this evening where I met some old fellow-boarders, students, was very much pleased to meet them.

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August 31, 1849 (Friday)

Fine shower we have had this afternoon—still raining this evening; so that the most desirable place was in the house.  Read some of Irvin’s.

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August 14, 1849 (Tuesday)

Sudden and great change. Early this morning it was clear but soon became cloudy and has been raining nearly all day, and evening which made advisable to keep in the house. Played a game of chequers with Miss A.J.

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July 21, 1849 (Saturday)

Showery today—bids fair to be a wet day tomorrow, which will spoil my anticipated visit to the country. Went to the Chestnut St. Theatre this evening again in company with a couple of our boarders. Nathan anticipates traveling to Delaware … Continue reading

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June 8, 1849 (Friday)

A very pleasant day—just comfortably warm. Franklin Square looks really beautiful and there is some prospect of having music in it in the evening. We have a piano in the house now—an excellent one. Moved into our new Counting House … Continue reading

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May 28, 1849 (Monday)

Still cloudy and very cool. Did not go out this evening—was called on by a young friend who is on his way to Texas. Another change in the aspect of affairs in relation to our boarders has taken place & … Continue reading

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May 25, 1849 (Friday)

Cold and disagreeable all day.  Passed the evening at home. The dreaded moving and scattering of our boarders will most likely take place soon, as the house will probably be sold, and the tenant is going to leave.  Very sorry … Continue reading

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April 12, 1849 (Thursday)

Beautiful weather; the squares also are fresh and beautiful. Did a little shopping the early part of the evening, after which I assisted Mrs. A—h, our landlady, to put down carpeting. We do not know for sure the identity of … Continue reading

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April 11, 1849 (Wednesday)

Beautiful day.  Visited the steamship Columbus and ship Tuscarora.  They are both fine vessels, having excellent cabin appointments: the Tuscarora, particularly is a splendid ship.  Passed the evening assisting to fit up a portion of the house. The steamship Columbus, … Continue reading

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January 24, 1849 (Wednesday)

Spent the evening at S—d—e.  Was somewhat surprised this evening, when, on looking at my purse for the purpose of paying my board, found that five dollars was missing.  How, when or where it disappeared, is a mystery to me. … Continue reading

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