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December 15, 1849 (Saturday)

Still cloudy and threatening.  Excessively muddy. Called on Miss Kate Warren this evening in company with W. G. Perry.  She was not in.  Then went to McGuire’s dancing room, a little while.

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December 13, 1849 (Thursday)

Came to the city this morning, cloudy and very cold appearances indicate more snow—Snow fell towards evening. Spent the evening with friend Wm. Guest.  Had a game of cards.

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December 11, 1849 (Tuesday)

Beautiful day overhead, but shockingly bad underfoot. Being out at the Norristown Depot this afternoon, had the pleasure of seeing Miss Rebecca Davis. Did not go out this evening.

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December 2, 1849 (Sunday)

This is winter in earnest—snowing and hailing all afternoon and evening.  Did not go out till evening when I called at Mr. Koplin’s where the two Miss K’s were stopping. Nathan did not attend a church service this Sunday which … Continue reading

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December 1, 1849 (Saturday)

Very unpleasant today and cold; a pretty good commencement of winter.  Called on friend Wm. Guest this evening and went with him to see Miss Kate Leighton from Chester co. Catharine Leighton, b. ca. 1824, was living in East Nantmeal, … Continue reading

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November 30, 1849 (Friday)

Rather unpleasant today, being damp and chilly. Called on Miss Fanny C—t this evening. Curious—write,–hand too much swollen.

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November 29, 1849 (Thursday)

Thanksgiving day.  Did not go to the store.  Purchased a coat and walked about the forenoon, and in the afternoon in company with Messrs.  Hubbard, Perry & Morgan, visited Barnum’s where the time passed quickly till evening.   Sprained my thumb … Continue reading

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November 25, 1849 (Sunday)

Still uncertain kind of weather, sometimes cloudy and sometimes clear. Went to Grace Church this morning where I heard Dr. Stevens. Accompanied friend Morgan and his cousin to Mt. Zion, this evening.  Dr. Howe preached. For more information on the … Continue reading

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November 22, 1849 (Thursday)

Fine day again. Called on Miss F—y C—t this evening but she was not in, after which I called on Miss E—h S—d—n, and passed the evening very agreeably, tho somewhat drowsy from keeping late hours the previous night.

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November 21, 1849 (Wednesday)

Beautiful day. Went to the Walnut St. Theatre this evening to see Miss C. Cushman for the last time.  She appeared as Pauline in the “Lady of Lyons.”  As usual a crowded house.  Met W. Koplin & S. Thomas, of … Continue reading

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