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December 20, 1849 (Thursday)

Raining pretty much all day. Attended the Franklin Institute this evening and heard a very interesting lecture on Physiology by Professor Gibbons.

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November 20, 1849 (Tuesday)

Fine, clear day again; mild as spring. Went to the Musical Fund Hall this evening to witness the Anniversary of the Philadelphia Bible Society.  It was quite interesting—speaking by Bishop Potter and others.  Hall crowded.

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October 19, 1849 (Friday)

Unpleasant sort of weather. Attended the Convention on the subject of common schools.  It was very interesting, very well attended and conducted with unusual harmony and good feeling. The Common School Movement began in New England in the 1830s and … Continue reading

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May 17, 1849 (Thursday)

Fine clear weather, but rather cool for the season. Attended the anniversary of the American Sunday School Union, at the Musical Fund Hall.  Several addresses were delivered—quite interesting.  Hall was crowded. The American Sunday School Union had its roots in … Continue reading

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May 15, 1849 (Tuesday)

Attended the Anniversary of the Pennsylvania Bible Society this evening held in the Musical Fund Hall.  Addresses were delivered by Drs. Holdich, Goddard and Parker, all excellent, breathing nothing but true Christian feeling. The Pennsylvania Bible Society was celebrating its … Continue reading

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May 7, 1849 (Monday)

Cold and cloudy all day. Went to the Musical Fund Hall this evening to witness the drawing of the prizes of the Art Union.  Professor Reed delivered an excellent address on the connection between the fine arts and the arts … Continue reading

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May 4, 1849 (Friday)

Very warm and dusty to-day, once a thunder storm towards evening.  The rain stopped in time for the lecture of Dr. Baird, who delivered this last of his course on Great Britain. For more information on Dr. Baird’s lectures, see … Continue reading

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May 3, 1849 (Thursday)

To-day the beautiful ship “Susan G. Owens” started for California, having been going for the last month or more.  Attended Dr. Baird’s lecture this evening on Greece and Turkey, which was not quite so interesting as I had anticipated.  The … Continue reading

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May 2, 1849 (Wednesday)

The weather appears now to be tolerably well settled; we have had the unusually long period of four days clear weather.  Attended the meeting, held this evening in the Chinese Museum, by the Merchants of Philadelphia for the purpose of … Continue reading

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April 30, 1849 (Monday)

Beautiful day.  A very unusual affair took place to-day-something “new under the sun”—which was no less than a fisherman’s parade.  It was about a square in length, and of course very imposing, being composed of fish wagons, &c. in imitation … Continue reading

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