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December 20, 1849 (Thursday)

Raining pretty much all day. Attended the Franklin Institute this evening and heard a very interesting lecture on Physiology by Professor Gibbons.

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October 18, 1849 (Thursday)

Still cloudy and rainy.  Visited the Franklin Institute again this evening.  There is such a variety of articles to look at it would take a good many visits to see all.  Besides in the evenings there are so many beautiful … Continue reading

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October 17, 1849 (Wednesday)

Cloudy during the day and raining this evening.  Went to the Exhibition of the Franklin Institute.  It is a very handsome affair.

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October 15, 1849 (Monday)

A lovely day. Went to the Hall of the Franklin Institute a little while this evening. Nathan recently became a member of the Franklin Institute.  For more information, see the entry for October 3.

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October 5, 1849 (Friday)

Cloudy towards evening. Heard the N.O. Serenaders this evening.  They were capital as usual—the Hall was full. The New Orleans Serenaders were appearing at the Musical Fund Hall.  For more on Nathan’s penchant (this is his fifth time seeing this … Continue reading

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October 3, 1849 (Wednesday)

Cloudy all day – no, this morning it was clear but soon became cloudy.  Went to the Franklin Institute this evening and became a member. The Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania for the Promotion of the Mechanical Arts … Continue reading

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