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December 25, 1849 (Tuesday)

Christmas—a Holliday, but a most bitter cold one, and windy: unpleasant to go out.  Had intended spending Christmas in Norristown, but gave up the idea.  Went out a little in the morning to purchase some presents.  Passed the afternoon at … Continue reading

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December 24, 1849 (Monday)

Quite a spert of snow last evening, which made the walking today rather bad: cloudy all day. Took a stroll this evening (Christmas Eve) along Eighth and Chestnut Sts. to see the fixings for tomorrow.  The streets were crowded with … Continue reading

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December 22, 1849 (Saturday)

“Variety is the Spice of life,” though whether it can be applied to the weather or not I do not know; be that as it may we have variety enough.  The most violent storm that has been this season occurred … Continue reading

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December 16, 1849 (Sunday)

As anticipated this has been a day to remain in doors, having rained nearly all day. Did not go out at all.

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December 14, 1849 (Friday)

Unpleasant day—cold and cloudy, walking very bad. Did not go out this evening.

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December 10, 1849 (Monday)

This is one of the day that would be hard to beat in point of disagreableness—snowing, raining, and thawing: walking is horrible. Remained at home this evening and had a game of whist.

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December 9, 1849 (Sunday)

This is really a disagreeable day, raining on the snow which fell yesterday, making the walking miserable. Did not go out till evening, when, in company with Hubbard went to Mr. Furness that closed, went to St. Luke’s.

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